February 14, 2015

I Dare Red

"All of you looks good in black, and all of you looks extra good wih red lipstick on."
Red has always been a very powerful fashion trend. Emotionally inense, daring and tempting, so that red is not for shrinking violets. The last time the colour combination between black and red was chic was in the 80s, when it became an Yves Saint Laurent signature. It then revived in the concept of 'Lady in Red', in plaid shirts and coats.

October 16, 2014


 It's an all-black style phase, with boyish stance and mannish looks. Black is chic; black looks good on all skin tones; black looks as good on men as it does on women; black is suitable for all life occasions. Coco Chanel, perhaps said it best: "Women think of all colours except the absence of colour. ...I have said that black has it all. Its beauty is absolute. Its the perfect harmony."

September 25, 2014

Military and Androgynous

The military theme has been a dominant trend in women's winter coats for the past decade.  Coats, jackets, dresses and knitwear all get the army, navy, or air force treatment.
Women's military coats illustrate a fashion trend for the first decade of the new millennium. Military styling returns each autumn with a fresh look, sometimes it's a long military coat which settles around the calves, at other times it's a short, cropped, androgynous military jacket.

July 30, 2014

Parisian Vibe

 “Paris was a universe whole and entire unto herself, hollowed and fashioned by history; so she seemed in this age of Napoleon III with her towering buildings, her grand boulevards and ancient winding medieval streets--as vast and indestructible as nature itself. All was embraced by her, by her volatile and enchanted populace thronging the galleries, the theaters, the cafes, giving birth over and over to genius and sanctity, philosophy and war, frivolity and the finest art; so it seemed that if all the world outside her were to sink into darkness, what was fine, what was beautiful, what was essential might there still come to its finest flower. Even the majestic trees that graced and sheltered her streets were attuned to her--and the waters of the Seine, contained and beautiful as they wound through her heart; so that the earth on that spot, so shaped by blood and consciousness, had ceased to be the earth and had become Paris.” 
 As i just returned from the city of love and croissants, a surge of french approach towars fashion and life veiled me and my concepts. The style, the food, the attitude, made me crave of at least an ounce of France in my everyday life, so i started with fashion and clothes.