January 12, 2013

Fairy tale to believe

Marion Cotillard, France 2012
W Magazine
Kate Moss, Norfolk 2012
Love Magazine
Guinevere van Seenus, UK 2011
Italian Vogue
Guinevere van Seenus, UK 2011
Italian Vogue
Karlie Kloss, UK 2010
W Magazine
Lindsey Wixon, Northumberland 2011
Italian Vogue
UK 2010
W Magazine

Malgosia Bela, UK 2009
Harper's Bazaar
Lily Cole, England 2004
Malgosia Bela, UK 2009
Italian VOGUE

The story of a genius, who opened a new door in the history of fashion photography, Tim Walker started out with a simple thought while reading fashion magazines :  'Well, I really quite like that world.'" Then, step by step he got involved in the industry.
He's telling a story, and he wants you to believe it. Every photoshoot is a story, consisting of a thrilling scenario and real feelings.  He created masterpieces, which he gathered in his exibition Story Teller. "Story Teller is at times black lace and spiders... The idea of  the dying poet and that whole concept of gotic-ness is something i find very beautiful" 
Tim's Walker's requirements for a 2005 shoot:
80 white rabbits
20 ballerinas
17 mirrored geese
250 ostrich eggs
1 box of giant hands
20 Christmas trees
1 Rolls-Royce
He gives every model a real stage with real scenary to do their performance on. That's why he goes to so much trouble and to such great lenghts as constructing  a baguette plane out of polyester. Tim claims that 'camera is just a simply box put between you and what you want to capture'.
He is unique for his unmistakable style, extravagant ideas and the ability of watching things in wonder.

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